Living With Fibroids. And the return of GLUTEN.

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My mom always tells me that every cloud has a silver lining. So here is my silver lining in this big gray cloud that I have going on. DONUTS. AND on National Donut Day. Right? Ok. So let’s backtrack a bit…I want to share some important info regarding this whole fibroid deal, because it’s super new to me. Actually, I just found out that I had monster-sized fibroids that are comfortably residing outside of my uterus and all around my bowels and ovaries just a few months ago.

Living with Fibroids And the Return of Gluten


It all started with a heavy period that wouldn’t go away. I went to the doc, and got my blood work checked up, came back with a stellar report card, had ALL hormone levels checked, and THAT came back more balanced than my checkbook, but for some reason, my period was just not giving up. It was costing me energy, money (hey super sized tampons that need to be changed out every hour add up) and sanity.

My ObGyn doctor suggested that we do the Endometrial Ablation surgery to stop the blood flow, and I could return to my normal lifestyle within 3 days. Which was totally a lie, it took more like a month, but that’s another post (coming super soon, I promise). Anyway, my period has not come back, and it has been around 6 weeks…which is super cool, except earlier this week I ended up in the emergency room due to severe abdominal pain, constipation, fever and vomiting. It was all bad.

Living with Fibroids - My Story

Keeping to my word, this will be a long story cut short. Since my ablation surgery, all blood supply has been cut off to the fibroids, which are now ‘rotting’ – the actual medical term is called Necrotic Fibrosis which cause all of my symptoms – severe pain in my lower pelvic region, lower back and a fever with vomiting. I’m looking at needing a full hysterectomy asap to remove the fibroids because they aren’t getting better. Sure they are shrinking, but they are causing major bloat and swelling and discomfort in the process. Who wants to live like that?

Segue to LIVING.

My biopsies all came back Cancer Free. 2 years ago, I went on a gluten free diet to control the mysterious bloating and swelling that I was suffering from, after being told I had gluten sensitivity and my medical doctor at the time not wanting to invest in extensive tests to see what could actually be the root of the problem.

Now that I have ObamaCare (Get you some) and an amazing physician who actually cares about her patients, I know with all certainty through CT scans and imaging that I currently have an abdomen full of huge cantaloupe sized rotting fibroids that have grown stalks ( I fondly refer to the main, largest, most active one as my Fiji Mermaid, as it has grown a tail that is wrapped comfortably around my intestinal tract) that apparently started their inception at the time of my c-section 24 years ago, and have been thriving wonderfully in my body without me having a clue.

Last year, I signed up for amazing insurance through Covered California, and when I went in to see my doctor and complained of swelling and bloating and heavy periods, for the first time ever, I was actually taken seriously, and here I am now…some resolve as to the great mystery that has been plaguing me for over 2 decades. I highly suggest you get covered – the Affordable Care Act is flipping amazing. 

Anyway…back to the whole gluten free living situations – my intestinal CT scans with contrasts at the ER came back fine and strong – which means that right now, eating gluten free is not necessary – Negative for Celiac, Negative for Hashimoto Disease, and basically until the tumors are removed, I am going to swell, bloat and have the same amount of discomfort if I eat gluten or not…those days of gluten causing distention are basically over – even breathing air is causing distention now.

So here I am, waiting on my insurance authorization to approve my hysterectomy and on to the next chapter of my life. Chapter 12, maybe. And I am going to eat a donut. It’s National Donut Day, after all. 


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