Endometrial Ablation – Living with Fibroids.

By May 20, 2016 Wellness

Chapter 1: I have 5 tumors growing in my uterus and ovaries. Fibroids too. Yesterday was day 1 of my treatment plan. I’m back to the land of the living and feeling good.

I now know and accept my next steps within the next 6 months include a full hysterectomy and boy oh boy it’s tough wrapping my head around that. I had no idea that It was this serious. I thought that my heavy periods were “just the way it was for me” and my constant digestive issues were just part of my life.

Yes indeed.

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Anyway. I’m in good spirits, and am counting that my pathology reports come back with no urgency. And my pre-op nurse was a friend from college and we laughed and did a quick catch-up pre-flight and snapchat (follow me @sylfabulous) filter giggle fest to get my spirits light.

I’m Looking forward to some serious core strength training to prepare for my upcoming battle. But like my son says to me whenever life challenges arise “you so got this mom, you’re super strong”. 💪🏽😍💗

I’m opening up and speaking about this publicly now, because through my #goddesstribe I have met some amazingly strong women who have given me much needed support and alternative thinking, holistic planning and overall a bunch of stuff I wouldn’t have had access to before. So I welcome all messages and encouragement and any groups you would be willing to welcome me into.

I appreciate you all!

#mood because it’s mammogram day. #lesigh

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