Air Purifiers Provided to Porter Ranch Residents by SoCal Gas. Here’s How.

Well, here we are, almost 3 months into the Porter Ranch Gas Leak fiasco, and the smell is still making everyone sick. This post is to share how you can get some air purification systems in your home as well as complimentary weatherization services set up to try to keep the methane gas smell out of your home. I’m going to make this post as simple as possible, as I think it is super important.

SoCal Gas Company will provide your home with Air Purifiers, and here is how.

Log on to | Hotline direct line 818-435-7707. They have just posted the following information stating that they will be providing plug in air purification systems directly, and you no longer need to purchase them yourself. You can get direct information here.


SUPER IMPORTANT!!!! Be sure you get a methane gas alert/alarm for your home. The representative that I spoke with on the phone when placing my air purifier order stated that since the purification systems will remove methane gas odors out of the air, it does NOT remove the actual natural gas from saturating your living space, or the actual base methane gas. You will need to purchase your own from Lowe’s or Home Depot or Amazon so that if your home fills up with unsafe levels of methane gas from the Porter Ranch gas leak, you will be alerted, because the air purifiers will remove the warning smell. Get yours here.


This is great news for any residents who have not gotten their air purification systems ordered, as I had to pay over $3000.00 for my systems, and they are still back ordered, and I have not yet received them. I was told that they would be shipping the week of January 24th or so. In the meantime, I had to pay for the units, and am still waiting on them to arrive.

On Wednesday, Jan 13th,  SoCal Gas sent out a contractor to do some weatherstripping on my house. He came out, put some sealant on my front door, looked at a couple of windows and said all was clear. Now, I have a dog door, and on windy days, tons of air is blown into my home…but that issue was not addressed. I now have a sealed front door, a dog door blowing in gusts of air on windy days (which in Porter Ranch is at least once per week) and a broken sliding glass door that I can see with my own eyeballs has a sealing issue that I will have to get fixed myself. With all that being said, I don’t have a lot of faith in the weather stripping service, but I think even a little bit is better than nothing. You can log on to this website to get your appointment here, and download the form here.

Good luck to you – hopefully you can get your air purification systems soon — as I said, I am still waiting on mine. As you can see, there wasn’t much help on where to purchase or how to go about getting the necessary items.


I ended up ordering the air filters that were posted on the resource page (which are no longer available) so hopefully you can call 818-435-7707 and get yours right away. Good luck!!

Air Purifiers Provided to Porter Ranch Residents by SoCal Gas Video Below.


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