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1794 S. Victoria Avenue, Suite 2A
San Buenaventura , CA 93003

Hair cut & Color

Cost: $100.00 +

Yamaguchi’s is pretty easy to find in Ventura, California with ample parking along the front, side and a private parking lot directly behind the facility. The first time I made the drive for my initial hair coloring & cut consultation it wasn’t too crowded, but my actual appointment was on a Saturday morning – and yes, it was jam packed. Immediately upon entry to the salon, I was greeted by a host and offered a beverage of choice and then asked to relax in the “lounge”. Once seated in the lounge, I was offered a menu that ranges from fruit juices to sandwiches – at approximately the same price as a small bistro. I declined because I just didn’t feel like smelling hair chemical solution while drinking a cappuccino and waited for my hair technician to call my name.


I had previously made a hair color consult approximately a week prior, and was looking forward to a specialized experience. My total wait time was about 30 minutes after my arrival and finally met with my hair color specialist.

After my color was applied, I was then handed off to an apprentice who rinsed my hair and prepped it for the hair cut person. Once my hair was cut, I was again passed on to the apprentice who styled and blow-dryed my hair, which ended up looking like betty page with jet black tresses and baby-bangs – totally not my thing and at the end of the whole experience,  I ended up extremely disappointed in the entire experience and vowed to never ever go back again. I mean damn, why did I pay over 100 dollars for a hair-school graduate to actually style my hair?  How does that equal customer satisfaction?

Oh well, thats why Yamaguchi’s in Ventura, California got a rating of 1 from Spa-View.com

Rating: 1


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