Viral Pneumonia – is Porter Ranch Gas Leak to blame?

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Viral Pneumonia – is Porter Ranch Gas Leak to blame?

I have Viral Pneumonia. Could the Porter Ranch Gas Leak be to blame? I live right in the middle of this whole mess, and it is causing me a bunch of inconvenience, as well as stress and anxiety…because it just seems to be such a secret, non-honest situation.

Being sick doesn’t allow me to be up to date on all the news and announcements going on with the Porter Ranch Gas Leak, but my friends have been texting and sending facebook messages regarding the incident, and apparently what is happening is that there is a huge methane gas leak, owned and operated by the SoCal Gas Company. I am not going to bother you with the details on this post, as it’s pretty much a huge mess and I simply do not know the details, but what I DO know, is I am sick and feeling crappy, and I intend to document my battle. It super annoys me that as hard as I try to live a healthy lifestyle, and eliminate toxins from my daily life and surroundings, I am forced to live in this toxic bubble completely out of my control. That really sucks, and that is basically I know right now.


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I usually go for my hikes around 3 times per week right behind my house, and a few times back in the early fall I started thinking that a car smelled like it was going to catch on fire…it’s THAT intense, but more on that later. Today, I want to just start my post with the fact that I have this crazy illness that just came out of the blue (or the air that I am breathing) and I am super upset. I guess that is all for today, as I feel super low on energy and tired, but I do intend to start figuring this whole thing out.

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