Toilet Seat Covers for Oily Skin. Yes to all of that.

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WTH is going on here??! I’ll tell you something. I totally empathize with anyone who has ever dealt with excessive oily skin. Its something that I just am not used to dealing with…however the universe has decided that it’s time to shed some of that oil slick with moi. Gee…thanks for that!

Toilet Seat Covers for Oily Skin. Yes to all of that.

I recently did a facebook post to ask my fab friends who actually DO suffer from oily skin what the best oil blotting solution was….and while I got tons of response varying from $10 Live Fresh Organic wipes on Amazon, authentic Japanese blotting papers for $7,  to Clean and Clear $3.99 at Amazon, the BEST advise was from Chaia and Nancy who suggested toilet seat covers. I promise you. The toilet seat covers that you find in the public restroom. Go buy a box at Smart and Final or Amazon, bring home, cut to size, put in a ziplock bag and BOOM…you have truly effective oil blotting sheets that didn’t cost you more than $10 for a year’s supply – AND they totally work.

you girls rock. Now if I can only swear all of you to secrecy the next time that I’m in a situation where my man is rubbing my face and telling me my skin is so smooth….LOL!!!


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