Murad’s Vitamin C Infused Facial

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The facial kit boasts elimination of fine lines with the infusion of vitamin C. And Vitamin C is all the rage at all the skin-spa?s these days (or at least that?s what the posters and promotional material attest), so I put it on my wish-list and before the month is up, it appears on my front door (thanks, bg).
Ok so it?s Sunday Diva Day – and it’s time to pamper myself. The directions are easy enough to follow ? mix 1 orange bag and 1 white bag into the provided plastic dish and mix until creamy?done. I begin to apply it with the included fan facial brush and I?m thinking I?m only 10 minutes away from a silky smooth complexion. And then the fire starts.

And burns. Holy hell does it burn. I looked at my cell phone to see that only 3 minutes have passed. So I start deep breathing mantra techniques, but to no avail. 4 minutes. I?m using my LaMas birthing breathing techniques?and still the fire on my face rages on. 5 minutes ? and I?m running to the sink to wash the fire off ? only to discover that it is burning even more after it?s off. I grab a couple of face towels to soak them in ice water and slather them on my skin, but my skin still feels like it has melted off! I grab the box to read the ingredients, but they aren?t listed. I see that there is some ?soothing serum? included and I?m thinking I have finally found some sort of relief ? and I smear it on, only to find that it seems to aggravate my skin even more. I realize at this point that my only option at this point to remedy the fire situation is to take a sleeping pill and try to sleep off the pain.



Surprisingly enough, the next morning I wake up and immediately run my fingers on my face and it feels like silky butter! I jump up to check the mirror, and although my fine lines are still there, my face wasn?t red or blotchy at all. I actually posted a comment on the Murad Skincare Forum and also sent an inquiry about what I should do at this point to Murad?s Customer Service, but it is the weekend and I haven?t heard anything back from either place. The jury is still out as to whether I should toss the stuff or try to replace it.



Rating: pending


The Good ? Easy directions, smooth face results, economical ? 6 packs for $60.00
The Bad ? Burns like the devil!
The Ugly- I am a firm believer that the C in Murad?s Vitamin C actually stands for Clorox



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