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While the MGM website has spa etiquette, it’s a bit hard to read due to extreme pixelated text. but the prices are clear. Go figure. Since I had an extra day in Vegas and a couple jumbo-cups full of quarters, I decided to head to the Grand Spa at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas

The Pamper Plan includes:
body exfoliation : 25 min.
swedish massage : 25 minute
facial : 25 min.
plus, an all day pass to the fitness lounge/health club when i booked it (by a one touch connection from my hotel room.)

I booked it for the last day of my vegas trip, which is in my opinion the best way to leave las vegas – relaxed and un-stressed. As I walked in I was greeted by tranquil surroundings with gorgeous botanicals and the sounds of nature and water – with a combination of lush land and hardscaping -fabulous!

I arrived and checked in and was given direction to the women?s facilities and told that I could use my reciept as a pass to the fitness area all that day. (without it is $25.00 / day for hotel guests). The spa is downstairs from the fitness room so I headed down the steps and was greeted by a few attendants. I was shown into the women’s lounge and given a locker by the spa hostess who informed me that perhaps the allotted robe will not fit, as i am not a small woman – so she said she would go get a robe from the men?s area. Wow. I’m not 250 lbs, but i kinda felt like it right then.

So with my new man-robe, I proceeded to the guest area where I would await my treatments, in the order in which they were available – which kind of sucked because Ideally, I would have liked to get my facial first, scrub second, massage last. Anyway, it didn’t work out that way.

I had three treatments waiting for me, but i had no idea in which order i would get them. The lounge was large, clean and comfortable with a big screen television and nature valley granola bars (apple cinammon) scattered in various baskets near water pitchers to hydrate yourself while you wait. and wait. and wait.

It was crowded, which I thought was odd since it was a tuesday, but I took it as perhaps it is a wonderful place to be so I waited, and watched baby mommas duke it out on Jerry Springer. Yes, I said Jerry Springer in the spa waiting room. Another wow moment.

My name was finally called and my therapist informed me of her name and that she would be doing my massage today. the room was very anticeptic but warmn and quiet. the massage – pure heaven! It was over way way too fast and I was escorted back to the lounge room where jerry springer continued with his antics and people continued to buzz in the air. I almost wanted to go to a sauna or whirpool while i waited, but was afraid that i might miss my name. so i waited. again.

My name was called and I was told that i would be going to the wet rooms for my exfoliation treatment. i was given a sample platter with various scents of body scrub that were named after alcoholic drinks (uggg @ my hangover) pina colada, cosmo, apple martini etc. I chose the cranberry something or other. The wetroom exfoliation was interesting. you lay on this table that is somewhat uncomfortable and there is an overhead water unit that has spouts that are also attached to a cord so that the therapist can use it for close up spray actions. The scrub was ok i suppose. but i ended up getting water all on the back of my neck, hair and face and it was fairly uncomfortable. i don?t think i will ever get a wetroom treatment again – it was too awkward.

After the treatment, i was in a puddle of water and had to squish my way back to the waiting room where this time judge judy (wow again) was repremanding some teenage driver for stealing his girlfriend?s mothers car and going joyriding, and the whole ?spa experience? was beginning to wear on me. so I waited again. and waited. and waited. Right as i was finally about to give up and go sit in the whirlpool, my name was called, this time for my facial. I was taken to a clinic room where the esthetician was a bit rude and cold, and attempted to upsell a facial treatment that she felt that I needed. I declined, and she went ahead with the scheduled facial.

No big deal, not relaxing and no difference at the end of the treatment. At the end of the entire session, i was too burnt out to enjoy any of the spa ammenities, and judge joe brown was on my last nerve, so i opted to get dressed and high tail it out of there, anxious for the freeway. I checked out and was given three envelopes for my three different therapists to give tips to. I gave a good tip to the massage therapist, the minimal tip to the exfoliation therapist, and no tip to the esthetician. that service should have been free in my opinion.

total cost of the MGM Grand Spa :
Pamper Package – $185.00
tips total: $40.00
total cost: $225.00

was it worth it? no way.

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