Hair Towels are the Real Deal!

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I have seen these in stores all over the place for years, and always thought that it was just one of those things that you really didn’t need, because in my head, I would always say ‘oh, well I have a bunch of towels at home’ BUT let me share 1 thing with you: I spent the $25 on a whim on a set of 2 hair towels, and I am constantly going back for more. Seriously, these little miracle blankets wrap around your head perfectly, and take all the moisture out of your hair for a way faster blow dry!!

Again, one of the best mini-buys I have done, and the results prove to be fabulous over and over! Want specific deets?

Aquis Waffle-weave Hair Towels (Pack of 2)

Care for your hair gently with Aquis waffle-weave hair towels Create a spa-worthy bath experience with a set of Aquis hair towels.

Solid towels lend an upscale feeling to your bathroom.

Richly textured waffle-weave hair towel pairs plush absorbency with supreme softness Made of Aquitex, an innovative fabric Aquitex is woven from ultra-fine microfibers to create a lightweight material with superior wicking capabilities, more surface area for greater absorption and a soft, luxurious feel.

Each towel measures 19 inches X 39 inches 80-percent polyester/20-percent nylon.

Machine washable Model number AE1120WHU1BA.

Features: Made with fibers finer than silk Wraps easily into a turban Ultra absorbent Less blow-drying means healthier hair

  • Reduces risk of split ends
    Gentle on hair Quick drying, saves time
    Compact Lightweight and convenient
    Soft and smooth

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