Essential Oils Can Change Your Life.

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Essential Oils Can Change Your Life.

My personal experience with essential oils is, of course, complicated. Typical.  Let’s take it back a few years, when my pekingese dog Obi (pictured below – he’s cute, right?) started having severe skin allergies. Hundreds of dollars later, the allergist recommends that I eliminate all harsh chemicals from the household.

Floor cleaners, laundry detergent, home fragrances, everything. What was I to do? I am a scent junkie. Give me some incense from Venice Beach or candles from Bath and Body Works and I am guaranteed a good mood.

It was randomly, the way it happened at my botox appointment.

As I was sitting in the treatment room, I noticed this little sexy air diffuser quietly emitting a sort of steam into the air with the faintest scent of lavender. Fast forward to an extensive search on Amazon and discovered Eden’s Garden Essential Oils. I read their blog for different ideas on how to implement essential oils into my household and took the plunge ordering the starter pack.

As I became familiar with the variety of uses that I could replace chemicals with naturally derived, amazing smelling essential oils, I was in serious bliss. You can create your OWN scents, or experiment with their pre-mixed synergy blends.

Here is what happened after my 4th month of using essential oils in my 4 diffusers in the house:

  • The house smells amazing
  • No more ants or critters! Peppermint Essential Oils help keep the ants at bay. 
  • Obi’s skin has calmed down. 
  • My housekeeping duties have taken on a pleasant vibe. 


I started posting about using essential oils on my social media platforms (follow me on instagram here).  Soon, I  started realizing that there are some direct seller companies with proprietary oils that claim to be more potent, or cleaner.

What I noticed is that they are almost 5 times more expensive. But alas, my curiosity got me. I splurged on a few various blends from DoTerra and YoungLiving, and I’ve got to tell you, I really like Eden’s Garden so much better. I feel that the aroma is much more fresh, I don’t get any unwanted side effects. DoTerra’s Peppermint gives me a little bit of a head rush feeling.

As a company, Eden’s Garden has some great programs, from giving back, a rewards points program and an active and responsive social media presence.




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