Crystal Clear Mobile Doggy Spa Grooming

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Crystal Clear Mobile Doggy Spa Grooming

Let me tell you how I met Crystal. One sunny afternoon, I was taking my newly adopted dog out for a walk, when all of a sudden, Cha Cha starts to limp. I looked under his paw and noticed that he had a ton of super thick tree sap that had gotten full of dirt and debris which was making it impossible for him to walk. I totally freaked out, and didn’t know what to do!

Oj took me and Cha Cha to our neighborhood PetCo which was super, SUPER busy and chaotic, but I saw asked the girl at the counter if there was anything she could do for me – especially since I didn’t have an appointment. Crystal heard what was going on, stopped what she was doing, and came over and began to clip off as much of the gunk that she could, freeing Cha Cha’s paws from discomfort and allowing him to walk again. I have never forgotten her act of kindness, and on top of that, when I made an appointment with her for his next groom, she HOOKED it up! Not only does Cha Cha look like a dabber dude when he gets groomed, but he prances around super proud and arrogant.

Crystal has thus opened her own mobile grooming service : Crystal Clear Dog Grooming, where she offers full service dog baths, cuts & what not. She also offers pet transportation, vet trips, pet-sitting and walking.

I totally 100% vouch for Crystal and her lovely service – please tell her that Sylvia referred you! It’s a bit hard to get an appointment in, so I suggest you book early and try to keep a regular appointment so your dog can look fresh on a regular basis, because once you see how soft she can get your doggy’s hair and the lovely herbal shampoo she uses, no one else will do!

You can visit Crystal Clear on her official website by clicking here.


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