Zoya Nail Polish – A Healthy Glam Alternative

By September 1, 2015 Blog

Zoya Nail Polish – A Healthy Glam Alternative. Healthier is MUCH more glam!!

@zoyanailpolish is doing a trade in project and helping us all stay glam and get toxin free!! Trade in your toxic nail polish brands for the smart healthy choice! Head to Zoya.com and click the top banner for details!

After all…healthier is happier!


Fall 2015 is right around the corner, and Zoya.com has a variety of fall forward fashion colors, not quite winter dark, but enough to make an impact. Think hues of gold, electric blue and chocolate hues. I’m LOVING the fact that there are no toxins and minimal carcinogens in the product. I’m going to be doing much more investigation in converting all the way to this brand.

From corrective treatments, to nail polish remover, there really is no reason why you would continue to use toxic brands. Most higher end nail salons carry Zoya Nail Polish, and with colors like these, why even risk a chance of adding more environmental toxins into your life? It’s time we started caring about ourselves and our bodies in ALL aspects, because we totally are worth it.

Stay tuned for more, I am barely discovering this brand and am pretty excited about it so far.


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