Qua Spa at Caesar’s Palace

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Qua Spa at Caesar’s Palace is definitely a visit that you should make the next time you are in Vegas. Seriously. It is gorgeous, and the staff is fantastically accommodating. We went on a holiday, so we weren’t able to get any treatments on such short notice, but we opted for the day pass to go and relax and get our energy back so we can hit the city big. The day pass ran us around $60 but let me tell you, it was SO worth it. We soaked, napped, rejuvinated, relaxed, meditated, showered and got ready for our day out right in the dressing rooms. It’s definitely going on my regular ‘what to do in Vegas’ list.

Qua Baths & Spa is a stylish spa on par with the world’s most extravagant retreats. Its live-in-the-moment philosophy – “Qua” is Latin for “here” – is reflected in a luxurious atmosphere where guests can relish the moment with an exceptional array of treatments.  Qua also evokes “aqua,” or water – the focus of Qua’s Roman Bath experience and healing services.

Bathed in natural light and accented by smooth stone flooring, dark wood and the steady flow of cascading waterfalls, Qua’s atmosphere is ideal for relaxed Social Spa-ing. Reminiscent of the glorious baths of ancient Rome, Qua’s Roman Baths create vibrant gathering spaces that highlight the healing power of water. There will be tea lounges; the Crystal Room, where guests can join friends for customized body decoration with crystals; and a Fitness Center designed for a dynamic workout experience. Plus, in the city’s first Arctic Ice Room, guests can unwind after heated treatments and use ice chips to exfoliate and invigorate while crisp 55 degree air refreshes the lungs.

At Qua, each experience will be a journey of the senses, where the timeless and transformative power of water is present the moment guests walk through the door.

Now THIS is how you do Vegas!!! We purchased a day pass to the spa, with out any services, but let me tell you, it was the BEST day ever! Being tired from a wild weekend in vegas, we spent the entire day in the spa…soaking, napping, hydrating, showering, sipping tea, and simply relaxing. I can quite easily say that this  probably is the BEST spa I have ever been to…and cannot wait to return!!


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