Match Green Tea Coconut Milk Latte

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Match Green Tea Coconut Milk Latte. Yes. Delightful. Here’s the scoop.

Around 5 months ago, I decided to stop drinking coffee. Not because of the caffeine, but because of the acidity in the actual coffee beans. I did some research and decided to do a trial run without coffee and see how my body felt. The first thing I noticed was that my pms issues went away. But that’s another post on a different topic. Back to the¬†Match Green Tea Coconut Milk Latte.

Here’s what I do. I like to keep it organic, so I buy my Do Matcha from – you can get it from Whole Foods or Sprouts too, but its a few more bucks there. I love my Amazon Prime, so I keep it on hand.¬†While we’re at it, did you know that green tea is full of anti-oxidants, helping skin look younger, promotes calmness – even with natural caffeine allowing you to be alert, boosts memory and concentration and is thought to increase energy and endurance. Sounds like even more of a win to me! Here is my favorite quickie recipe that won’t add staining to your teeth like coffee will, or give you any jitters.

SylFabulous Green Latte

2 tspn of doMatcha ceremonial green tea
1 cup of ice (I like mine crushed, but it’s total preference)
4 oz of coconut milk (I prefer Pacific as it does not contain a bunch of chemicals. Be sure to read your labels and minimize the amount of additives that you are consuming – it’s possible you know!)

Matcha Green Tea Coconut Milk Latte

Pour the coconut milk and matcha green tea over the ice, and stir with your hand. Kind of like you would stir some whiskey over ice. Drink and enjoy! The green tea caffeine buzz is comparable to some espresso and the health benefits are amaze. Enjoy!!!


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