I know you have all seen those ads on Facebook claiming you can have an unlimited closet with the services from Le Tote – a clothing rental company…and after trying to build my new “Over 45 & Fabulous” look, it’s been frustrating. From the misleading clothing ads from super cheap Chinese factories with horrible quality and basic lying to get cheap sales, to just not having time to go to the mall and try on clothing. Plus, how many times have you put on a pair of jeans in the store and they felt amazing, only to come home and they rip, or sag on the butt after an hour, or that shirt that was on sale actually shows your bra fat.

Oh, I can totally go on and on. So a while back, I had gained some weight due to some injuries and tried Gwynniebee, which is a plus-size rental service, and it was awesome. I loved it…except for one thing, you have to actually either be going to a wedding every weekend, or working in an office (which I don’t) so the clothes, while they fit my body, they did not fit my lifestyle.

Fast forward to Spring 2016. I work from home, sometimes I have client meetings, I work out alot (ahem, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Fabletics) and enjoy a pretty active weekend lifestyle. But now, I am 45, and my hoochie, cheapie clothes from the Chinese shops that fit my budget just fine, no longer fit my life. So I went ahead and tried LeTote. I just finished my first official ‘tote’ and I am going to break down what I have learned so far.

Thursday: My Tote is delivered. Life is hectic, so I put the box in the front hallway and totally forget about it.

Friday: I get a last minute invite to a wine & skincare meetup friday night. I decide to open my box. Hello, options!!! I try on the brightest jacket with my casual wear, and am just delighted at how I can go to an event in leggings, wedge sneakers and a jazzy jacket that is just 4 hairs dressier than my usual track jacket that I would wear. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some track jackets and hoodies – I have plenty, but I’m loving the upgrade option!

So I’m new to @letote — but I wouldn’t be a verified blogger (ahem πŸ‹ link in bio πŸ‹) if I didn’t explore all the latest and greatest online services there are out there these days, and to be quite frank, I’m almost closer to 50 than I am to 40 now, and am kind of having a hard time adjusting my wardrobe. I figured I would give #letote a shot, since my last experience with #gwynniebee when I gained some weight and didn’t want to buy a whole new wardrobe worked just absolutely awesome, this should probably be too, right? Well, we shall see!! I got my first “tote” on Thursday, just in time for the weekend – and it literally has something to enhance my weekend wardrobe in that small box. I will be posting my pics here and doing a whole write up on my blog probably on Monday evening, once I had a full weekend to check out the service. Plus I MIGHT have a coupon to share too, if you want to try it out as well. — anyway, here is one of the pieces that I wore to a skincare and wine gathering at my sister in lawr’s house – a super casual, but cheery jacket from @lovephilosophy via Le tote and I paired it up with my fave @beyondyoga navy #leggings and a white tank from @oldnavy and @nikewomen wedges. Lipstick is #rubywoo from @maccosmetics and that’s a wrap! Look for my full review on my blog #AFresherLifestyle ⚑️

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Saturday: I teach a girl’s self defense class in the morning, and then train Gracie Jiu Jitsu right after for about an hour and a half or so. Usually after class, my boyfriend and I will go have some acai bowls, or grab some dinner. This Saturday was no different. I threw this cute thermal sweater in my bag, some leggings and flip flops, put my hair in a high bun and blam! Again, another day that I did not wear a track jacket or hoodie!

This weekend in LA, it decided to rain and be gloomy for half of it!! I got this comfy and cute sweater fusion by @splendidla and at first I was totally not too impressed with it, and wondered why I even added it to my closet on #letote but when I put it on, omg it fit like a glove and was so super comfy. I probably got the most out of this, to yoga, to Starbucks, to a casual dinner with my girlfriend, and paired up with jeans and boots or leggings and sparkly flip flops, it gave me a much more “cleaned up” look within minutes. Beats my usual hoodies or track jackets that would have been my usual go-to! Sadly, at a retail price of $128 and a @letote member’s price of $96 – it didn’t trigger my shopping bug lol. Sending it back and seeing what else I can discover on my next tote!! This is actually getting kind of fun πŸŽ‰

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Sunday: Mother’s DayΒ : The day started with Hot Yoga with a girlfriend, and I threw in these jewelry pieces, some ripped jeans, a flowy kimono, again, took my yoga class, showered, put my big wild hair into a loose high bun, dressed, put on some cat eyeliner and ruby red lipstick and blam! Instant glam, straight from the yoga studio to the brunch arena, with tons of compliments on my casual glam look.

This morning after #corepoweryoga of which I am completely obsessed with. πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

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Monday: I realize that I have one last piece that I did not wear this weekend that was in my tote. And my instagram post pretty much sums it up:

Ok. So I think I actually AM going to purchase an item from my @letote from the weekend!! When I got my box, I kind of “whatever’d” this basic black tank. I wasn’t even excited to put it on. But today as I was packing up my pre-shipped back to send back, I remembered the reason why I even tried out this clothing service, so I put it on. Dude. The fabric feels like smooth chocolate suede against my skin. And the cut does WONDERS for the body. When I questioned myself for even adding a basic staple to my closet, I wondered how a black tank (of which I probably have 10 easily, which are all semi see-thru, get stuck in my bra fat and lose shape and fade after 7 washes) I remembered what my mom said about “quality matters”. So yes, I am going to keep and purchase this basic black, amazingly slimming tank that makes me feel like a million bucks and my skin is thanking me for, and keep it moving. It is by @tartcollections, retails for $42 and #letote members get it for $36. So I got a wee bit of a discount on it, so my bargain shopping soul feels somewhat ok with this. I am sure it will get tons of use this season and next. πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

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So my first LeTote.com experience was an absolute plus, and I actually purchased a staple piece for my new wardrobe, which is a WIN! Here are a few things that I think you should know: They say that they offer clothing up to size 16, and XXL, but I only saw a few pieces in that size range. You will get more out of it if you are a size 12 or smaller, judging from the browsing. You DO however, fill out a style quiz so you can get your lifestyle matched up, and I must say, they hit it right on the money.

Speaking of Β money, the service is just a buck under $60 a month, and you DO get discounts on items that you wish to purchase. You can get inspirations from their digital lookbooks, or follow #letote on Instagram to see real life people putting together outfits in real life (#IRL). You will be surprised at how many of the women on the gram can rock the heck out of these items much better than the model photos on the site.

They have gift certificates, and apparently offer a maternity rental service as well. OMG If I had that option when I was pregnant, that would have been AMAZING, but that’s an entirely different post.

If you would like to try out Le Tote for absolutely free (I think you get one free tote) or want to know more about how it works, follow me on Instagram or Facebook and let me know!

With free shipping both ways, and a little guide and measuring tape for the perfect fit, and some new styles to try out, I’m digging Le Tote, and I will keep you posted via Instagram on my next totes!


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