Hysterectomy, Fibroids, Surgery and Recovery at 45.

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All the different stages of uterine fibrosis. Let me tell you a story about the body and how it works. How about I let you know once I figure it out? Lol. My body is going bananas in 2016. I’ve had 3 procedures and my poor body is just tired, frazzled and trying to figure out what the hell is going on. I wanted to show a time frame of what surgery and anesthesia/medications can do to your body…if you happen to be allergic to pain medicine like I am.

I had a hysterectomy and blogged my whole journey

from pre-surgery to recover on my instagram account @sylfabulous.
Hysterectomy, Fibroids, Surgery and Recovery.

1. The first picture is my infamous day of surgery pic. With my giant 11 lbs of tumors that they removed. Amazing that my body was so strong but non functional, and it’s been a 9 year battle trying to figure out what this mystery was. For that, I am super grateful.
2. Picture 2. I think this was 2 weeks post surgery. I was down 11 lbs but my feet, hands and face was swollen and starting to react to the residual medications.
3. Picture 3 – 6 weeks post#hysterectomy and I’m bloated like a blowfish. Im officially UP 13.5 lbs. my legs, arms and neck/face are super swollen. Bad edema – similar to the #toxemia I had when I was pregnant and up to 6 months post partum. But I got into my jeans tho – and that made me happy!
4. Picture 4. This was taken today. Almost at week 8. I’m up 14 lbs, but have been walking/hiking 2 miles daily. The edema is getting bad and noticeable. But I’m on my 2nd day of not wearing my binder or any support garments – just using my own muscle strength to hold myself up. Digestive track 🌴🌜 – for the first time in over 12 years 🌴- is working like clockwork and the only struggles now are swelling, being super fatigued and being completely out of shape. When I say the struggle is real – the struggle is really hella real.

Tomorrow is a new day and more bits of progress. As long as I’m not reverting, I’m thankful!

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