Frozen Yogurt, Marakuja Oil, Tarte, Trader Joes + La Vanilla Micro Reviews

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Here is a roundup of some microblogging on my Instagram Account. I will be doing mini reviews on Instagram for cool and quick products, and linking to the actual product for you to check them out. This week’s roundup consists of La Vanilla Laboratories healthy deodorant and a few more. You can read them all here, or follow me @sylfabulous for more microblog product reviews. Stay Fresh & Fabulous! Frozen Yogurt, Marakuja Oil, Tarte, Trader Joes + La Vanilla Micro Reviews – microblog product reviews by sylfabulous on

La Vanilla Laboratories Natural Deodorant

I have a quick review for this natural, healthy non toxic deodorant by La Vanilla. Around 8 years ago I discovered the La Vanilla fragrance line at Sephora and quickly snatched up a Grapefruit Vanilla rollerball thingie and it smelled amazing…so you can imagine how excited I was to try this non toxic deodorant in Lemon Vanilla…but all in all it is a complete and total fail, and here’s why. 🔸the price point including shipping from Amazon is nearly $10. 🔸 After a week of using this, I started having constant body odor issues. I can’t figure out why…except maybe it can’t handle the active lifestyle? 🔸 it’s a deodorant, not an antiperspirant so you are going to sweat through your shirts on warmer days or environments. 🔸 it’s going to smear on your black tops or sport bras. It’s a mess 🔸 you are going to have to apply it numerous times per day. So all in all, I’m tossing this item and calling it a loss. For me, and my active lifestyle, it just doesn’t make the cut. I’m returning to Toms and my Crystal options for effective deodorant – I don’t have B.O. Issues or excessive sweating issues to deal with so having these issues show up is a super huge NO THANK YOU for me. On to the next one!! ———————–

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