5 Nail 818 Salons To Get Your Nails Done Right.

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5 Nail Salons To Get Your Nails Done Right in the West Side of the San Fernando Valley.

One of the routine ‘self love’ indulgences that I do regularly is get my nails done. My mom started doing my manicures outside in our back patio when I was in junior high…or maybe even earlier. I have so many fond memories that include manicures with my mom, and that is probably why I keep it in my daily routine still, at age 45. I used to have a terrible habit of biting my nails, to the raw skin – even risking bleeding and infection at times. My mom did everything she could to prevent it – scolding me, putting hot sauce on my fingers, garlic, bitter stuff….but what ended up being the most successful was teaching me how to take care of my nails, and how pretty they can look.

Sometimes, during stressful moments, I find myself reaching to put my fingers in my mouth and only to see a glimpses of pretty polish and am immediately deterred. It’s amazing how proactive and positive options can change an entire behavior. I can still remember the christmas of my junior year in high school and getting the gift certificate for the latest rage in 1984 – Acrylic Nails! I rocked those to the solid age of 39, religiously. Never had a bad experience, and loved every single fill, design, shape that the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s brought with it. At age 39, I started training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and had to take my beloved nails off.

I tried the plain manicures and then, as if the nail polish gods were listening to my angst, the Gel Manicure became mainstream with hundreds of colors to choose from. Now, I know that I really try to opt for toxic free living, but the benefit I get with the minimal risk for ME is something that I risk. I make sure that all the salons that I visit are using safe LED lights for curation, and I opt for ZOYA brand non toxic nail polish for my toes. So there you have some of my manicure history…and I still love to share color swatches with my mom when I see her! It’s definitely something about that relationship that I subconsciously associate with having pretty manicured nails.

With that said, you can bet your bottom dollar that I have been to a gazillion of nail salons throughout Los Angeles, and now as a resident of the San Fernando Valley, right here in the 818. Here are my top 5, and some quick pros and cons. Currently I am totally obsessed with Lilly and the service at Encore Nail Lounge in Chatsworth, California.


Encore Nail Lounge
They really take their time with your manicure.
While soaking your cuticles, they have citrus slices in the bowl to help naturally exfoliate.
The hostess always brings a tray selection of fruit juices, water, carbonated beverages.
Hot towel service
The pedicure scrub is fantastic
Callus removal is $10 extra, but SO worth it – especially if you are on your feet. The product they use is superb to other salons, and it does not leave your feet dry and itchy later on that evening.
Warm lotion massage EVERY TIME.
Massage chairs
Hundreds of Gel colors to choose from

Cons: Β NONE.
Yelp Reviews
20529 Devonshire St,Β Chatsworth, CA 91311

I wanted super cheerful nails 🐝🐝🐝

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Nail Forum Porter Ranch
19719 Rinaldi St
Porter Ranch, CA 91326 Yelp Reviews

Conveniently located in the Porter Ranch Town Center, with lots of parking
Nice massage chairs
Pretty decor
Lots of gel colors to choose from

The highest priced manicures in town
Not all technicians know how to apply gel polish – I’ve had ‘early chippage issues’ several times.
Callus removal leaves your feet dry and itchy that evening
Did I mention it’s EXPENSIVE?

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Nail Garden Porter Ranch Yelp Review

Wholefoods Plaza
19300 Rinaldi St, Ste N
Los Angeles, CA 91326
The receptionist is super nice
Nice interior
You are offered a beverage, however I think out of the year I went there, I only received it 50% of the time.
ZOYA Polish is offered.Β 

The receptionist is super nice
Blow-dry bar available, although I tried to book a couple and both times no one was available.
Limited technicians who do good jobs on manicures, resulting in early peeling and chipping and lumpy manicures
SUPER FAST massage/pedicures. They act like they are in a rush to get done.Β 

Nail Garden Woodland Hills – At the Village

6320 Topanga Canyon Blvd
Woodland Hills, CA 91367
Yelp Reviews
GORGEOUS interior
Super skilled technicians
Champagne or sparkling cider is served in pretty goblets
Β High end gel polish
Louboutin Polish is available for an upgrade fee
All technicians are glamorous – I swear! And super on trend of the latest nail styles
Ask for Karla!! She is the best πŸ™‚
You Β might see a celeb or two sitting next to you!

I am not sure if they take walk-ins, they are always super busy when I have been there.
Make your appointments!
The chairs are super gorgeous, but not very comfortable. No massage chairs available
Parking is at the mall, so you have to pay for it. No validation is available, and you will have to walk. Make sure you bring comfortable flip flops for that trek back to your car.Β 


Capri Nails – Yelp Reviews

19556 Ventura Blvd
Tarzana, CA 91356

I love this little gem of a salon! I have no cons about it, as it is just perfect. I used to visit it on a regular basis when I was working in the area, but am no longer in that part of town. If you are in Tarzana or Encino, I highly recommend this place! If you click on their yelp reviews, you will see a bunch of my photos. They are super good with gel designs too! xoxo.Β 

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