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Hi. My name is Sylvia, aka SylFabulous and I have been online as a blogger for a good 20 years now. I’m a pretty seasoned internet resident, and as we all know, the nets are a breeding ground for a plethora of constant evolution. So I’m back, after a pretty long personal hiatus and focusing on making other people money and great SEO ratings, to finally diving back in and expressing myself, as again, things have changed. Here’s kind of a quick roundup:

All About SylG. My very first blog was an art site by the name of – it used to be my blank canvas to display my digital art, and really that’s about all. I had a pretty stressful job as a very young, very green Art Director at a few different internet startups ranging from Digital Latino, Digital Imagination, Simian Group and a few others that no longer are around. I learned a bunch about html, photoshop and animated gifs and optimized graphics.

My next online venture was a joint business venture with my amazingly bright and cutting edge business partner and close friend OJ Smith. We launched FunkMedia, and are still going strong. As you can see from our portfolio, we worked with everyone from Beyonce to Oprah, Emerson Knives to Celebrity nutritionist Jennifer Cassetta, to gospel performance artists Mary Mary and local small businesses for over 15 years. It’s a great boutique agency now, and we have grown to offering a multitude of solutions from e-commerce platforms, to digital marketing and social media strategy and UX front end design. Check us out here.

Around 2008, the housing market was booming, and wordpress was getting super easy to use, so I switched from my Live Journal platform and launched – with quickly growing youtube tutorials, spa reviews, destination coverage and one of the first pioneers to monetize a blog and actually show revenue, it lasted (with fantastic SEO Google ratings) for about 2 years.What happened shortly after is a pretty basic story, with a personal challenge that would change me forever.

At 37 years old, some of the products that I was getting sent for product reviews started causing allergic reactions. I started having burning skin, strange breakouts, and I had developed some allergies or reactions that I just was not comfortable with. I had to stop blogging, and focus on getting healthy. I left Spa-View as ignored as a college – purchased Coach bag, and moved on with my healthy life.

Now at 45 years old, I have re-discovered my blogging activity, quite naturally, on Instagram. You can follow me here btw – and have been sharing my newfound life changes that are happening to me as a 45 year old Internet professional in this new social media world.

I’m very well versed on all platforms, and it really feels great to finally have a home of my own again now. So here’s my new venture, at a new stage in my life, and hope to connect with like minded content creators as we continue on our digital journey and explore all that is out there.

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